Bird flu fears close China poultry markets
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   SHANGHAI, April 6 – Chinese officials have found traces of a new bird flu virusmore areasShanghaiin the nearby city of Hangzhou, news reports saidSaturday, as authorities slaughtered birds to stop the spread of the virus that has killed six people.
  State-run Xinhua news agency said authorities planned to cull birds at two live poultry marketsShanghaianotherHangzhou after samples of the H7N9 virus were detectedbirds at the three sites.
  More than 20,000 birds have been culled at another Shanghai markettraces of the virus were found this week.
  OfficialsShanghai, China's financial hub, ordered all live poultry marketsthe city closedSaturday, leaving food stalls empty.
  Authorities also banned all poultry tradingNanjing, another eastern city, although officials said they had not found any trace of the bird flu viruschickenthe retail market was safe to eat, official media reported.
  The new strain of bird flu has infected 16 peopleChina, allthe east of the country. Six people have diedthe outbreak has spread concern overseassparked a sell-offairline sharesEuropeHong Kong.
  There were no signs of panicShanghai,four of the six deaths have taken place,people said they were not worried. But the culling, which has been widely publicised, did underline for some how close to home the issue had become.
  “Now it's just downstairs,” said Liu Leting, a user of Weibo, China's version of Twitter which has more than 500 million users. “Suddenly I discover that I'm livingan epidemic zone!”
  拥有逾5亿用户的新浪微博(Weibo)的用户之一Liu Leting表示,现在这件事就发生在楼下。他突然发现自己置身于疫区。
  In one city restaurant, a waitress said they planned to stop serving chicken because of the outbreak.